A Fresh Coat of Paint

I'm starting the new year with a new job. To paraphrase a friend, "it's just moving from one $BIGCORP to another", but it's still exciting. I worked my last gig for 5 years, so I'm nervous, but also very ready to do something new. While I'm doing one new thing I might as well do another. Taking some time off between jobs has given me enough breathing room to redo my website.

New Features

If you've been here before you'll probably have noticed a significant visual overhaul. The site is now in dark mode, has a more varied color palette, and is more responsive to differently sized viewports.

In addition to the visual changes on this site there are new features as well!

  1. Posts now have summaries thanks to Zola's summary feature, which allows you to use any content before a <!-- more --> comment in a page's Markdown.

  2. There are tags as well! These were actually always there, but I only put them in post front matter and didn't expose them on any pages. Tags are supported via Zola's taxonomies, which are much more complicated and powerful than simple tags demand.

  3. The metadata for site pages now includes Open Graph protocol and Twitter card support for a better display in social media.

What I Learned

Every time I update this website I learn something new. I continued to use vanilla HTML and CSS and eschew JavaScript, but was still blown away by how little I know in the webdev space.

In the interest of chronicling my newfound knowledge, here are a handful of the things I learned.

I've no doubt that I've committed some grave CSS sins with this revamp. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing what's possible and the important part is that the site works. 😅


I would be remiss not to mention the people who inpired these changes. The colorscheme uses a subset of Pavel Pertsev's gruvbox, which I've used as my syntax highlighting theme for years. Post metadata was modeled after Alexis King's site. I borrowed ideas for the Open Graph and Twitter card support from Andrew Kvalheim and Amos Wenger.

Ruud van Asseldonk deserves the lion's share of credit for these changes. I spent hours learning from their meticulously crafted CSS. This update wouldn't have been possible without everything I learned from them.